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Quick-frozen raspberries

Raspberries stimulate appetite, they are helpful in case of caught cold; raspberries can lower body temperature, have a bactericidal effect, as well as diaphoretic and analgesic properties.
Raspberries contain substances that strengthen the capillaries, as well as coumarins that have the ability to normalize blood coagulation.
Raspberries have also copper and magnesium in their composition. Copper normalizes and regulates the work of the nervous system. Magnesium is useful for the cardiovascular system.
Raspberry seeds contain fatty acids and beta-sitosterol, which have anti-sclerotic properties.
The consumption of raspberries afresh, as well as when used externally, influences the better condition of skin, its color and elasticity.

Frozen raspberries are used to cook:
fruit salads;
Fragrant raspberry tea strengthens immunity. The process of brewing raspberries with water (500C) should take no more than 3 minutes.

Frozen raspberries have excellent taste properties. They store the maximum amount of vitamins due to the technology of "shock" freezing. In order to use frozen raspberries in cooking dishes, it is necessary to defrost them in advance. For cocktails, desserts and cereals, you can use frozen raspberries without pre-defrosting, thus cooling the dish.
Adding frozen raspberries to water instead of ice cubes, you make easily a delicious and healthy drink.

Due to the cooling of fruits by the method of quick freezing, their consumption throughout the year is possible.
We ensure the quality of our products, so that the consumer receives maximum benefit from them.
We guarantee the quality and excellent taste of our foods
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