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A quick-frozen apricot
An apricot contains a significant amount of potassium and vitamin A. It affects positively the cardiovascular and immune systems, and is useful for vision as well. It also contains magnesium and phosphorus that are necessary for the brain activity and transportation of nutrients.
Apricot diet is a good way to cleanse the body. A significant amount of pectin contributes to the elimination of toxic exchange products. The use of apricots suppresses the activity of harmful bacteria, mainly due to the presence of chlorogenic acid in their composition.
Catehins that are among the useful substances an apricot contains should be mentioned separately. They have antioxidant effect and reduce the amount of free radicals in human body.

Frozen apricots are used to cook:
peeled grain dishes and cereals (an apricot adds a pleasant taste and aroma);
fruit cocktails (pectin from apricots provides good consistency);
vitamin beverages, stewed fruits, various sorts of teas.

Frozen apricot retains the maximum amount of vitamins due to the technology of "shock" freezing. In order to use frozen apricots in cooking dishes, it is necessary to defrost them in advance. For cocktails, desserts and cereals, you can use frozen apricots without pre-complete defrosting, thus cooling the dish.
Adding frozen apricots to water instead of ice cubes, you make easily a delicious and healthy drink.

Due to the cooling of fruits by the method of quick freezing, their consumption throughout the year is possible.
We ensure the quality of our products, so that the consumer receives maximum benefit from them.
We guarantee the quality and excellent taste of our foods
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