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Quick-frozen sea buckthorn berries

Sea buckthorn berries are considered to be natural remedies because of the high concentration of vitamins and micronutrient elements. They improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, cleanse and rejuvenate the body, affect the reproductive function positively (vitamin E – 10 mg per 100 gram – is a 50% of a daily norm). If you consume 350 grams of sea buckthorn berries, you get a daily rate of vitamin C, which has a good effect on the immune system. Adding to your daily diet sea buckthorn berries, you contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, tissue regeneration, and general improvement of body health.

The use of sea buckthorn berries in cooking.

Tea, made from ground berries of sea buckthorn, has a wonderful taste, and is especially liked by kids.
Mashed sea buckthorn berries can be combined with different cereals, adding special aroma to them and being a real source of vitamins.
Sea buckthorn berries can also be added to salads, sweets, and as a spicy condiment for a variety of dishes.
For external application, tufted fruits of sea buckthorn are used, showing antibacterial and regenerative activity.

Frozen sea buckthorn berries store the maximum amount of vitamins due to the technology of "shock" freezing. In order to use frozen sea buckthorn berries in cooking dishes, it is necessary to defrost them in advance.

Due to the cooling of fruits by the method of quick freezing, their consumption throughout the year is possible.
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